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Thursday, January 19, 2006


* Archived all of 2005's updates and created a new 2006 update archive page.

* A new revision of Yoon's Corner has been launched! Here are the details:

Introducing Yoon's Corner 2.0

A New Way to Browse the Forums

Finally, after hours of work, Yoon's Corner 2.0 is now complete! There have many many changes to the message board, which include:

- The new Vista-inspired Yoon's Corner.
- Former Genso Suikoden and Ragnarok Online skins now use Vista-inspired layout as well.
- Private Messages Panel.
- New look for the navigation bar.
- Addition of the Live Discussion Board.
- New icons for threads, posts, and other areas.
- RPG level up system implemented.
- Addition of Chrono Cross avatars.
- Several other minor changes.

The new Vista-inspired skin is now the default skin for the message board. If you are dissatisfied with the new skin and want to use the old black and blue skin, you may change your skin via Profile > Modify Profile > Select Skin. The old skin is called "Yoon's Corner (2005)." For those that are stuck with the old skin and want to change to the new skin, follow the same steps above, but select either "Yoon's Corner," "Genso Suikoden," or "Ragnarok Online," as all of them use the new Vista-inspired look, with the minor differences being icons and expressions between them.

One big addition is the Live Discussion section, which now allows message board users to chat live with other message board users that are currently browsing the forum. To use Live Discussion, you must have the latest Java Software or a Java SDK/JDK installed, which may be obtained from http://www.java.com/ or http://sun.java.com/.

Since the new layout makes heavy use of JavaScript, there are bound to be some bugs. To avoid most of the bugs, please use Mozilla Firefox 1.5, as Internet Explorer 6 is now a somewhat outdated, insecure web browser compared to other web browsers out there. If you encounter any bugs, please let me know. Some bugs have been discovered already, which include over-bolded text in the News table for Internet Explorer users, as well as the blended links in the Members section.

I couldn't have done this massive update without the help from the folks over at ProBoards Support. Thanks guys! :D